Design Devil, LLC
Creative Director / Owner - (July 2002 to Present)
Full Service Design and Development Studio, working with various clients to Conceptualize, Design and Develop retail toys, collectibles, premiums and promotional items. Taking any project from "concept to completion". From sketch to full color presentation boards, control art, and physical prototypes
Otis College of Art and Design
Senior Lecturer - (January 2008 to 2014) 
Instructor for the Photoshop for Toy Designers class - An Idea driven workshop that introduces students to Adobe Photoshop as a primary tool for use in the toy industry.
Sideshow Collectibles, Inc.
Senior Designer/ Product Manager - (July 2007 to July 2011)
Design, Development and Management responsibilities, including Conceptualizing new product, producing concept illustrations and product designs as well as offering art direction and supervision on various projects.
Directed several artists and sculptors through various stages of development.  Also worked closely with the Production Department to ensure the design intent continued through manufacturing and production.
JMP Creative, Inc.
Senior Designer / Creative Manager - (Dec 99 to July 02)
Use of creative skills to conceptualize, design and develop retail toys, fast food premiums and promotional items for such companies as Playmates Toys, DreamWorks, Pepsi, and Taco Bell.
Managed teams of artists though various projects and presentations, usually with tight deadlines. Lead regular brainstorming sessions to inspire new innovative ideas and creative solutions. 
Applause, Inc.
Senior  Designer / Creative Manager - (Oct 96 to Dec 99)
Use of illustration and digital skills to creatively design and develop gifts and collectibles for various licenses, such as Star Wars, Disney, Warner Bros., Marvel Comics, and many others; using imagination and artistic skills to conceptualize fun and innovative new products. 
Promoted to Creative Manager on successful Star Wars Episode I products. Directed and assisted every stage of development; from design to sculpt, through finished product. Worked closely with Hong Kong factories and engineers to ensure quality during manufacturing. 
Marvel Comics Entertainment Group, Inc. 
Senior Colorist; Color Design, Digital paint - (Feb. 94 to Oct. 96)
Use of Adobe Photoshop to digitally paint interior comic book pages, Pin ups, ads, Trading cards and covers for all of Marvel and Malibu Comics monthly titles; using color to emphasize such aspects as mood, energy and emotion as dictated by the story line.

I've worked with Joe directly and indirectly for 19+ years.  His strengths as a creator are matched by his ability to mate design to production practicality that result in products that can (and have been) made and sold profitably.  He has a wealth of knowledge both past and current about pop culture in general (as well as specific expertise in science fiction, superheroes and fantasy) that he has successfully employed in freelance and corporate settings.  I cannot recommend him more forcefully." - 

Chaz Fitzhugh - Senior Category Manager - Global Toys - Warner Bros. Consumer Products
“Joe Allard is one of the most talented, versatile artists to date. I have had the pleasure to work along side Joe on numerous occasions. I have learned so much from him and use his knowledge still today. He is someone that can manage a project from start to finish and has an amazing eye for detail. 

I would love the opportunity to work with Joe again.” - 

Adam Ostegard - Senior Manager Product Design at Disney Parks
“My group has used Joe repeatedly over the years. His work is fast and of the highest quality. He "gets" an assignment with minimal explanation, and minimal hassle, and is all around a pleasure to work with. We will continue to keep Joe at the top of our list for illustration/ concepting vendors.” - Tyler Kenney - Director of Design at Mattel
“I worked with Joe as a colleague for several years starting in 2000 and have been working with him again providing design work for him at Sideshow. Joe has a phenomenal big picture view of projects and their objective(s) which allows for detailed and comprehensive direction. Yet he allows me to explore variations and give suggestions. His eye for detail therefore isn't constricting, but constructive, which makes every project I have done with him very fulfilling. His management style of the project is inclusive, efficient and fair. When working with him I always enjoy the challenge to rise to his level of expectation.” - Pascual Wawoe - Senior Designer at Design Anatomy
“There are not enough words to describe what an incredible talent Joe is. I have known Joe for some years now and consider him as one of the best in the business. And to make it even better, his personality and his level of professionalism make him a joy to work with!” - Candace Lavin - Adjunct Assistant Professor at Otis College of Art and Design
Joe is an amazing artist with a flair for the dramatic. He can quickly turn any concept into an awe inspiring illustration. From traditional drawings to computer work or job management- he can handle it all. A dedicated, multi-talented designer, Joe is always a pleasure to work with. - 
Julie Phillips - Senior Designer - Aurora World, Inc. 

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